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Alco Tech Inc. is a contract surface treatment, paint removal and manufacturing company serving all industries in the Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and Electronics Field since 1987.
Alco prides itself on being well accustomed to meeting JIT supply requirements.


Flag_of_United_StatesUNITED STATES

  • Tel: 818.503.9209
  • 12750 Raymer Street #2
    North Hollywood, CA 91605


  • Tel: 664.647.5300
  • 17506 Alejandro Humboldt
    Tijuana, BC, Mexico
  • Blasting Dept.

    Our Blasting Department provides high quantity, production, automated blasting applications, including Tumble Blasting and Table Blasting.

  • Painting Dept.

    Our Painting Department offers Powder Coating, Burn-off, Chemical Dip, Sandblasting.

  • Manufacturing Dept.

    We are a full service manufacturing company offering the bare necessities to produce the parts you want with the most competitive pricing.

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